Fear Inoculum - TOOL

Fear Inoculum


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2019-08-30
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2019 Tool Dissectional, L.L.C./Volcano Entertainment II, L.L.C..


Play Title Time Download
Fear Inoculum 10:20  
Pneuma 11:53  
Litanie contre la Peur 2:14  
Invincible 12:44  
Legion Inoculant 3:09  
Descending 13:37  
Culling Voices 10:05  
Chocolate Chip Trip 4:48  
7empest 15:43  
Mockingbeat 2:05  


  • Amazing as always

    By Deleter_1
    Tool never disappoints.
  • 13 years, worth the wait

    By TazarTheYoot
    Just wish it was longer.
  • Eh....

    By Gello
    I've been a TOOL fan since the very beginning of their career, and I must say I am completely disappointed in this album after 13 years of waiting. The song Fear Inoculum is great at the 5:50 mark of the song and 7empest is a decent song musically. That's about it in my opinion. Aenima will always be my personal favorite album by them, so if you're new to TOOL check it out. Much better.
  • New tool

    By khardt1973
    Just what I was waiting for! Multi layered tool takes it to next level!!
  • By far Tool's worst album...

    By ABN Infantryman
    Almost unlistenable. This ablum sounds like a Tool cover band tried to write a tool album. In other words, it has the Tool tradmark sound, but the songs are horrible. There is not one, single good song on this whole record. I never thought Tool was capable of a bad album, since everything they've done priot to this has been either great, or at the very least, good. To say that I'm dissapointed is to put it mildly.
  • Another Mantra:Ambiguous

    By Robert McVey
    Been with these guys since Undertow and love every aspect of this album just as the first. Fear Inoculum has not only revitalized my interest in Tool but has motivated me to delve deeper into their meaning, approach and how they work. Adam Jones gave up a career in sculpting creatures for Jurassic Park for his new band. Maynard Keenan can sing and write poetry over insane timing, was in the Army, has his own winery, restaurant, sings in several other groups... Danny Carey is the mathematician of the band and it feels like it is musically written around the drums. Justin Chancellor is a chord monster on the bass!!! Overall, Tool’s music is ambiguous. The intent might sound different than the meaning unless you follow the lyrics to the music. Hints of eastern feel, droning backbone, with constant musical communication between all in the group. This is a collaborative effort and the chemistry is amazing. Delve deeper and it is not angst as much as experiences, situations, psychology. Tool is amazing.
  • It’s still Tool

    By Silk City Symphony
    Musically solid with Adam and Danny killing it. Maynard, IMO, lacks the intensity vocally. The fills and buildup are great but I’m waiting and longing for the howl, growl, and rage from MJK. Good example, around 10:50min mark on Invincible, MJK could have roared but never happened... in the end, it’s still Tool. Enjoy.
  • Invincible

    By Talkinhead
    An absolutely flawless album from beginning to end. I was not disappointed. I consider this record as a whole invincible, which is by far my favorite song off the album.
  • The wait is over !!!

    By ElidAjjEDI
    It’s coming ... Thank you sirs. Worth it and more ...spiral out
  • Sad Money Grab

    By Rolla Rock
    What a let down,,,seems like to me-that they might have wanted to stream a long time ago,.but since they were always against it,,would have been odd to do without any new music in the 2000's ,.,I see this as a huge cash grab..This sounds like it has all been done before,.,Tool retired a long time ago,.,.Save your crumbs

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